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In early December, Blue Moon Big Band released CD #5, The Polar Bear's Pajamas. The title was conceived by band leader Rob Leonard while recording the opening track, which was expertly transcribed by Jon Harpin (Lush Life Music) from the original 1924 Julie London recording.

We've been known to put our own twist to the classics, and we've done it again in "Hard Hearted Hannah" by inserting a solo from baritone saxophonist Chris Poole. We hope you enjoy the opener from The Polar Bear's Pajamas. Here's a sneak preview of Blue Moon Big Band's rendition, with vocalist Teresa Leonard:

Hard Hearted Hannah
Plus, click the thumbnails below to check out some photos from our the studio sessions. 

The Band
The full band 1
Craig Brackins - Guitar
Marty Nnepp - Drums
Teresa Leonard - Vocals
The Sax Section
The Trombone Section
The Trumpet Section
Rob Leonard - Director
The band - back of studio
Back studio
Kevin Shaner - Bass
Looking out from the vocal booth
From the booth
The band
The full band 2
Sheet music
Sheet Music

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